We’re holding a Hackathon! 

What it is?

Design challenge, innovation challenge, hackathon – whatever you want to call it! This challenge is a great vehicle for collaborative working, cross-sector thinking, and has the potential to impact big issues with innovative solutions.   

Over a weekend, Tech Startup Sunderland will be holding a challenge to tackle the cost of living crisis. We’ve all watched as prices have skyrocketed and communities have been hit harder and harder by the economic shift. We believe tech can play a role in supporting those being impacted the most.  

Who is it for? 

Think you need to be a techie to take part? Think again. We’re inviting anyone from any background to join us at this event. The cost of living reaches far across sectors and individual experiences, so it’s important to have as many voices around the table as possible. Whether you’re a student, parent, carer or whether you work in education, social care, or engineering, you will have a place. 

How does it work? 

Cross-disciplinary teams will be assembled by the event organiser. On Friday, September 30, we’ll be holding an informal launch event, which will allow you to meet our facilitators and your teams. This will be the perfect time to get oriented, ask questions and have some nibbles along the way.

The three main areas we’ll be focussing on are: 

  • Energy/Fuel increases 

  • Housing Costs 

  • Food Price increases 

Over the following days (1 & 2 October), you’ll be working within your teams to develop an idea and design a prototype to help with the cost of living. Do we expect you to fix the economy for everyone? Absolutely not. But this is a great opportunity to think about apps that could help support families, new platforms that could serve communities, or a new piece of tech that could ease financial pressures for individuals.  

As a team, you’ll select one of the 3 focus areas and design a prototype for a particular financial pain point. We’ll have facilitators on hand to support teams throughout the process as they design, troubleshoot, develop, and eventually pitch their idea to a panel at the end of the weekend when teams will be judged and winners will be determined. Winners will be receiving prizes for their hard efforts too!

What’s in it for me? 

Still not sure if this is the event for you? A few reasons to join in: 

  1. A chance to showcase your skills and learn about tech.  Not everyone is from a tech or digital background, but with an increasing number of tech or digital products or services, there’s more demand to think digital to address challenges. The cross-sector teams will be set up to enable a range of skills and experience.  

  1. Learn something new and get out of your comfort zone! You’ll be placed in teams to work and network with individuals from varied backgrounds who can bring a range of experiences to the table. You could learn different approaches, different ways of thinking, different problem-solving techniques or something else altogether! 

  1. Be a changemaker and rise to the challenge. It’s easy to sit back and read the headlines about changes impacting society.  This is an opportunity to actively be a part of the solution, have a voice in the conversation and develop something that could support people who are hit the most.  

  1. The opportunity to start something! If you want to develop your product further and take it to market, our business support experts are on hand to keep the conversation going and support you to get your product from prototype to market-ready. 

  1. Plus….prizes…..did we mention there’d be prizes?  

The Details

If you’re interested in being part of the solution, meeting and working with new people in a safe, facilitated environment, don’t hesitate to sign up.  All details are on our Eventbrite page, but if you have any questions that aren’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the event organiser, Community Hub Manager, Katie Mitchell: katie.mitchell@sunderlandsoftwarecity.com.

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