We are excited to be launching the new "No-code North East" group early in 2022 to support the growth of no-code and low-code technology in the region, and help explore some of the biggest challenges facing the sector.

No-code and low-code technologies primarily enable people with little or no experience of writing code to create their own apps and websites at much lower costs and in much faster times than ever before. No-code North East is a user group for no-code and low-code professionals and hobbyists in the North East to learn, collaborate and get inspired together.

Following an initial consultation with over 30 local experts, Sunderland Software City identified a level of interest in the group, alongside an appetite from members of the community to support community development. The response has included proposals for speakers and activities that will be developed over the coming months.

Our Head of Digital Adoption, Adam Hill, elaborates: "No-code and low-code technology have become more accessible, affordable and robust to the extent that they provide a significant opportunity to everyone, not just technology experts". Having been part of the North East technology community for over 20 years Adam feels that no-code and low-code are ideally placed to support a number of the challenges we are facing.

"No-code and low-code have the potential to help overcome a wide range of issues such as addressing the skills gap, supporting innovation in technology startups and rapid development of solutions to the challenges of COVID-19". Adam continued, "by supporting the creation of a community, as part of the wider technology sector, we hope to have a real impact on businesses and organisations across the North East accessing custom-built technology at lower costs and often in just a few weeks".

As well as providing a competitive advantage to many businesses, the group also hopes to attract those using no-code and low-code as a hobby, something now made possible thanks to how easy it can be to have an idea, and make it at home, in your own time. The technology is also being used in exciting ways across the voluntary sector where no-code technology is contributing to changing people's lives.

Join us at the launch event!

Our launch event will take place on 1st February 2022 at 6pm online and will be an initial opportunity for people who attend to find out more about the plans for future events and initiatives. We are also really excited to be joined by 100DaysOfNoCode Founder Max Haining who will share with us some of the inspirational stories he has experienced in the no-code community.

If you are interested in attending the No-Code North East Launch you can register on Eventbrite or on Meetup.com.

For more information about No-Code North East visit the website: https://nocodenortheast.com, or follow the Twitter account: https://twitter.com/nocodenortheast