Our small, but growing, marketing team is looking to recruit 4 new talented people!

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about engaging, supporting and championing North East tech businesses through a range of marketing channels.

Our roles range in levels of seniority: from entry-level roles in social media marketing to experienced roles in brand consulting. Check them out here.

We’re also hosting informal one-to-ones on Tuesday 21 September, and Friday 24 September. If you’d like to have a chat about the roles and opportunities within our communications team, you can book in your slot via Eventbrite at https://marketingrecruitment.eventbrite.com

The Roles

Social Media Executives x2

Salary: £19k - £24k

The Social Media Executives will be managing our day-to-day social media channels. The role includes content generation for social media, scheduling campaigns via Hootsuite, and proactively engaging with communities online.

We are looking for two individuals to support our different social media channels. One individual will look after our ‘skills’ channels, which seek to raise awareness of regional tech employers and to engage schools and young people with opportunities in STEM. This involves a range of channels including TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

The other individual will look after our ‘enterprise’ channels, which seek to engage and support tech businesses in the region with their creation and growth journeys. This involves a range of B2B channels including Twitter and Linkedin.

To apply and view the JD, visit.https://softwarecity.recruitee.com/o/social-media-executive


Digital Content Designer

Salary: £25k – £32k

The Digital Content Designer is responsible for supporting the wider communications team with content creation through graphic design. We are open to hearing from a wide range of individuals and envision tasks will range from creating graphics with tools such as Canva, to editing video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about raising awareness of both SSC and tech businesses and founders in the North East through a range of marketing channels, but with a particular focus on audio-visual stories.

To view the JD, visit https://softwarecity.recruitee.com/o/digital-content-designer


Brand Strategist

Salary: £33k - £40k

An outward facing role, the Brand Strategist will be working closely with regional tech companies, and in particular startups, to support their branding and messaging. The role is suitable for an experienced communications professional who is passionate about helping tech companies grow, by tailoring their messages to their respective target audiences (including the media).

Whilst the majority of this role will focus on working closely with tech companies, the role will also play an integral part in supporting Software City’s wider communications team and our own branding.

We welcome applications from all backgrounds, but envision this role will particularly be suitable for an experienced communications professional with either a background in PR, branding or strategic marketing.

To apply and view the JD, visit https://softwarecity.recruitee.com/o/brand-strategist

Digital Adoption Specialist

Salary: £28k - £32k

Alongside our marketing vacancies, we’re also looking for a new Digital Adoption Specialist to join our digital adoption team. This is a more techie role for someone who is passionate about exploring and understanding how different technologies can have an impact on workplaces.

The Digital Adoption Specialist will work with a range of SMEs to help them understand how digital technology could help them increase productivity and drive value-for-money.

The role involves keeping up-to-date with new SaaS platforms and working closely with clients to help them understand their challenges and explore digital technologies that may address their pains.

The role encapsulates all things digital adoption: from first helping clients understand their barriers to productivity to recommending suitable technologies and producing documentation that can help them apply for funding or engage with procurement.

To apply and view the JD, visit https://softwarecity.recruitee.com/o/digital-adoption-specialist


Virtual Drop-ins: Come Talk To us!

Interested in joining our team, but looking to learn more about the roles? We would love to talk to you! On the 21st and 24th of September we will be hosting virtual drop-in days, to go through any of the roles or opportunities you may be interested in.

You can book your slot via Eventbrite: https://marketingrecruitment.eventbrite.com 

If you’re not available at any of those dates but would like to meet a member of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. You can email our Marketing & PR Manager, Lisa, at lisa.vh@sunderlandsoftwarecity.com.