By now you may have noticed we've launched a new North East Tech Stories series. 

Consider this our official announcement. Through the tech stories, we are aiming to raise awareness of a diverse range of tech startups and growth companies across the North East of England. 

Why? Because we know there is some amazing stuff going on across all corners of our region, and we'd like everyone to be able to hear about these great stories.

We've started our first posts in December and so far, have covered the journeys of videogames job platform Hitmarker, employee wellbeing on the go platform OptiMe, instant messaging platform ChatPro, and wearable sportstech Mymo.

We're really excited about the stories we have got lined up and are always looking for new ones. Are you, or do you know anyone who might want to be involved? Let us know & get in touch!

Here's our criteria: For startups, we are looking for regional companies who have launched a software or product (this can be an MVP) sometime in the last 3 years. For growth stories, we are looking for more established companies who are financially self-sustaining and who have their own tech product or software.

To get in touch, drop us an email: &