So, it’s coming up to six weeks of Covid-19 lockdown, a time that has brought about worry and challenges for everyone. Yet, despite all the uncertainty, it’s becoming increasingly clear that for many people there are also some positive in all this. One of the key positives we've come across, is the way technology has changed both how we work and how we engage with friends and family.

For those of us now working from home, the perfectly balanced work and home life has now blurred and become less distinguishable. A working day is now characterised by less-than-ideal chairs, makeshift desks, screaming children and many, many video calls. And once the working day is done, the tech-based fun just keeps on coming! After spending most of the working week on video calls, friends and family now curate entire weekend agendas filled with Zoom-based activities: quizzes, charades, drinks, the list goes on…and, actually, this is great as it’s making us reach out to people we perhaps don’t get chance to see all that often.

Overnight shift in business communications

From grandparents to CEOs, there was a literal overnight shift that forced us to rethink our methods of communication and business operations as we embraced the power of digital technologies. We quickly realised that a certain level of meaningful communication really can still take place, just in a different and more remote way. Absolutely everything is now coming onto a virtual platform and when it comes to the world of work, businesses are using this as an opportunity to get with the times and ‘level up’ their outdated technology. No one wants to be left behind! Many businesses are already turning discussions to the future. 

"once all this is over, will we resort to old ways or are we looking at an entirely ‘new normal’?"

Change as a necessity for growth

The shift and change that everyone has had to make has created flexibility where there perhaps wasn’t any before, and in doing so, it has highlighted woefully inadequate systems and processes that should and must change. Change is a necessity for growth, right? From data management systems to apps, artificial intelligence to augmented reality, there is a myriad of off-the-shelf digital solutions out there to make jobs easier and when it comes to digital tech, that’s exactly what it should all be about – making things easier.

Need for new and bespoke digital solutions

As organisations continue to adopt tech out of necessity in these times, there will too become a need for bespoke solutions, as not everything companies need is currently out there and immediately available. This brings huge opportunity for SME tech companies to work with global organisations of all sizes and all sectors, ranging from small charities to large multinational companies!

A tech company that has seized this opportunity is Leeds-based Northcoders, who are launching a new service called ‘DevIncubator. DevIncubator will offer UK businesses the opportunity to access its team of highly skilled software developers, who will be hand-picked to participate in specific projects. By having tech specifically created and tailored for their needs, organisations that struggle with the digital aspect of things can still meet their business objectives and grow in their respective market. It will also put them in the strongest place possible when things go back to ‘normal’, whatever that may be.

The demand for new tech will not only be driven by forward thinking leaders, but also by their employees, who will want access to the easiest way to work productively and efficiently.  Whether they have been frustrated by the lack lustre digital solutions that are currently available or whether they've been exposed to new tech from their interactions with family and friends, they're increasingly expecting more from technology and more from their workplace.

Tech is the new norm

This digital adoption as result of the Covid-19 pandemic will change people's behaviour and the way we live and work in the future. People will not retract into old traditional ways of 'working' after seeing the numerous benefits that tech has offered. They're more likely to actively seek out better digital solutions where needed, and prefer this option above putting up with systems that are inadequate.

While bringing many challenges, Covid-19 has given organisations the opportunity to explore and upgrade technology - and it is a great time to embrace digital. If the tech you need is not immediately available yet, there are people out there who can help develop and tailor it for you and your business needs. The World is likely to change forever following this pandemic and with it grows the need for new and cutting edge technology that makes life easier.