This time in our lives may create an epoch which could define generations to come, written in the history books as the pre and post covid-19 eras. The enormity of what is occurring really is quite incomprehensible; schools, businesses and recreational areas are all closed, whilst NHS staff, carers, cleaners and food retailers work tirelessly to fight this disease. You could say it all sounds very dramatic and far fetched but, in its simplest form, this virus has the power to redefine people, businesses, communities and nations based on their actions during this time.

With that in mind, I want to highlight the absolutely extraordinary acts of generosity and kindness I have seen across the city of Sunderland. Whilst I may not know some of these businesses personally now, I hope to be able to learn more about them and all of the other selfless organisations in the future!

Edmundson Building and Preservation

The owners Debra and Graeme Edmundson and Kevin Pyle have kindly donated 20 boxes of FPP3 masks to the Marlborough Surgery in Seaham. The masks, which are normally used to prevent the inhalation of micro dust particles within construction sites, will be protecting front line staff from a different kind of hazardous material.

Further information on the story can be found on the Sunderland Echo.

Power Roll Limited

Neil Spann, Managing Director at Power Roll Ltd, has enabled key workers to continue their outstanding work with the most vulnerable in society, by donating 50 hazmat suits to the effort.

Further information on the story can be found at Make it Sunderland.

Matrix Health Services

The generous firm has committed to donating a supply of masks, gloves and aprons to Sunderland Council to be used by front line staff during this time.

Further information on the story can be found at Make it Sunderland.

Where The Trade Buys

Where The Trade Buys, a Sunderland based business and one of the UK’s leading printing companies, is producing face visors for NHS essential workers in the fight against Covid-19.

Where The Trade Buys has just published a blog post, rounding up the company’s efforts to support the community.

It’s not just businesses

Local Sunderland residents have also shown their compassion and volunteering numbers have now reached over 700! If you can help by volunteering, please contact or call 0800 234 6084.

We would love to hear more positive news stories of businesses, no matter how small, who are supporting their communities wherever feasibly possible. I’m proud to work in Sunderland and to support local businesses. I hope that these selfless acts will be rewarded when isolation is over with invigored custom from customers both old and new.

Your efforts are not going unnoticed.

If time allows, I’d love to sit down with you over coffee (virtually of course) and hear more about what your businesses have been up to. No sales pitches or techniques from me just a good old-fashioned discussion about how wonderful you are!

The businesses, communities and people of Sunderland should be applauded for their continued effort in supporting the vulnerable, their carers and the key workers and I for one will not get tired of hearing about the selfless acts they are undertaking.

I think I speak for all my colleagues when I say a massive "THANK YOU"!