The 25th of December will mark my six-month anniversary here at Sunderland Software City and the time has flown! With that in mind I always think the Christmas break and New Year festivities are a great period for reflection on the year gone by and for what may lie ahead, from either a personal or a business perspective. It's an opportunity to think about what you want to achieve for yourself and for your business, and to start planning… but be realistic, because life is never going to be how you plan it!

2019 for me consisted of the standard marriages, births and deaths. Unfortunately, the latter was the one which hit closest to home for me this year. Whilst the Christmas period will always bring families and loved ones together, the void of missing that someone special will never be replaced by a special gift or yet another chocolate orange. However, there are always positives to consider. I graduated from university this year as a mature student, and I landed this role! So I am concentrating on the positives.

Over to you

I want to congratulate everyone who became established in 2019; you set a goal to do it and you made the leap. I also applaud those who were established in 2019 based on opportunities you identified in the marketplace.

As I mentioned, life is never going to be what you anticipated and that counts both for business and for personal matters. No matter how much you plan and how much you think you know what’s coming, you can’t plan for how others think, act or behave. So whether you’re an old or newly developed business, I completely admire your determination to reach your goals and your entrepreneurial spirit. 

For those businesses who have battled storms this year, I hope that you can see some light for 2020. I also hope those around you are reminding you how amazing you are and are offering support in any way they can, whether that be through new contacts or by offering a cup of tea after a hard day fighting the tides...or moving with them.

From everyone here at Sunderland Software City we wish you all a wonderful break and a prosperous year ahead.