Without realising it we probably pitch to someone most days in one way or another, whether it’s at a networking event, in a meeting or pitching for investment. For that reason, it’s important that we are comfortable with what we are pitching and can explain it so that everyone understands.

Having something prepared that fits within 30 seconds is ideal, that’s long enough for a networking event or an introduction, in these situations you don’t need all the details, just enough so that the person/people you are talking to have a clear understanding, but open enough to encourage questions if they want to know more.

Most pitching competitions allow around 3 minutes, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but comparing to the 30 second pitch you have loads of time to get your message across.

Preparation really is the key to success: planning what you are going to say and in what order, saying it out loud, practicing with a colleague, or better still with someone that doesn’t know your business.

If you are using a slide deck check how many slides you can use, keep them simple, don’t over complicate them as this will only distract from what you are saying. Make the most of the opportunity and make sure your logo or brand name is clearly visible

Here are some of our top tips for the perfect pitch:

  • Drop the ego! You maybe the founder of the business but are you really the right person to be pitching?
  • Be clear and concise, don’t use too many words, and avoid jargon
  • Identify the problem your company solves (problem-solution-impact)
  • Validation through customers (case studies, examples, recognised brands)
  • Emphasis key points – pause, repeat.
  • Show your strengths, what makes you different.
  • Make it memorable – you could be 1st out of 20 pitches, you want to be remembered for the right reasons.

With a wealth of experience between us, we are well positioned to support you to nail your next pitch, if you want some honest, none bias feedback and guidance give us a shout.