In a world where ROI for marketing activities can be measured down to the penny at the click of a button, so many businesses are still unknowingly haemorrhaging money through ineffective networking activities. 

We invest a lot of time, training and money into creating and monitoring our strategies in business: marketing strategies, social media strategies, PR strategies. 

But what about a networking strategy? Do you have one? Have you ever thought about creating one? Why are you and your staff even going networking in the first place? 

I've spent the last twelve years of my career in the world of networking across the country and have always imagined the landscape of events in a certain way. After doodling what was in my head to explain it to colleagues, things escalated fast. So I've spent the past six months working with Durham University conducting academic research into my hypothesis (aka doodle) and I've very excited to say that my networking model does exist!

Not only does it exist, but when applied to an organisation it will give a company the ability to strategically network, anywhere in the world, based on their specific target market. 

This is where it gets really exciting...

My model not only allows you to streamline your current networking activities as an organisation, but also has huge implications for any company looking to expand into a new city, region or even a new country! 

Businesses can save so much time and money by only attending events that are strategically positioned to result in the creation of targeted connections, bring to fruition collaborative relationships, and/or give you access the the most valuable information.

By introducing a networking strategy to your business you'll be: increasing efficiency of activities, building effective corporate relationships, and reducing wasted time and money as a result.

I'm very excited to be introducing the J.Banks Business Networking Ecosystem for the first time at NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, Newcastle during their Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations. It's a free to attend event and I'll be sharing a bunch of practical networking tips and tools to help you get the most from your strategic networking activities too. 

The more the merrier so book your ticket HERE and I'll see you on Friday 16th!