So the "Beast from the East" is in full swing and certainly hasn't  let us down - children all over the country are loving their "snow days" staying home when you're supposed to be a school is one of the best things ever!!

As a working parent this of course causes problems; finding short notice child care is no mean feat! 

Fortunately for me I have a very willing grandparent who is only too happy for the company. Also fortunately for me I have a laptop, WiFi connection, a mobile, the Slack app and access to everything I need (including coffee), so I can pretty much work from any where.  So when the weather is so bad that I can't even get the car out of the street I can stay home and the kids can enjoy the snow with their friends in the street.

This got me thinking: obviously there are some jobs that are impossible to be done remotely - nurses, Dr's, teachers etc. I take my hat off to people in those occupations, it's not an option to pull the duvet over your head and avoid the bracing weather. 

For those with desk jobs however, is there really a need to be in the office 9-5? Does this not hinder productivity? The amount of time wasted on the roads (it took my husband 3 hours to get to work this morning!), waiting for public transport that is probably cancelled or delayed... is it not a better use of time to give your teams the flexibility to work from home or a local coffee shop? Having the option to avoid the chaos of morning and tea time traffic could dramatically improve your productivity - snow or no snow.

Is it a trust thing? Some employers might be wonder how they'd know that their staff are working, when you can't physically see them at their desk? But if this is the case then there is an issue: why are you employing people you don't trust? 

Advantages of flexible working

Having a flexible working pattern (within reason) can have significant benefits, which include:

  • Increased employee morale, engagement, and commitment to the organization.
  • Reduced absenteeism and tardiness.
  • Reduced presenteeism and improved productivity.
  • Increase your ability to recruit outstanding employees.
  • Reduced turnover of valued staff.

So, if you'd like to make a change, why not use the Beast from the East as the catalyst you need? And if you're worried about how to manage a remote team, I can help you formulate a plan that will keep you and your employees happy!