We work in an ever-increasing world of complexity, perhaps best exemplified by our inability to tell each other, using simple descriptions, about the new technologies that are hitting the market.  Whilst I appreciate these technologies are multifaceted, bleeding-edge and thus difficult to describe, I did a little experiment – I asked some kids at an event we were running at to rank in order the things they understood.

Here’s the results (plus some selected comments from them for entertainment value):

  • Virtual Reality (“I’m not sure why Facebook bought Oculus but they did”)
  • Artificial Intelligence (“It’s in all the movies now”)
  • Machine Learning (“A computer beat someone at a game I don’t understand”)
  • Augmented Reality (“You can see things that aren’t there”)
  • Internet of Things (“It’s just things connected together, isn’t it?”)
  • 5G (“It’s just 4G plus one, I think?”)
  • Blockchain (“What? I don’t understand it!”)

I’ll let you decide why this order came about – the influence of games, movies, lack of consumer products in certain field, simple naming of tech are just a few suggestions.

But just give it a try next time you have the privilege of spending some time with our future generation – it’s food for thought…