One of the most popular support functions we offer businesses in the North East is the creation of a 'functional specification'.

It's basically a blue-print of an idea (e.g. an app or e-commerce site) that allows developers to give accurate quotes for the work. It's a great project management tool as both the business/individual and the developer know exactly what's expected when they get to work!

However we've found that a lot of people have functional specifications created and then struggle to find developers to turn their spec into a reality. 

This is where we can now help even further....

If you're looking for a developer for a project (regardless of whether you've had support from us or not) you can now post it on our website for all to see!

So developers, you now have a place to find live commercial opportunities - you can contact each company directly to request the full functional spec, and then put in your quote if it's a job you're interested in! 

Win win!

The idea is to help ideas come to life by match-making opportunities with developers - creating even more work for the tech community and helping businesses make their visions a reality.

If you have an opportunity you'd like to promote please get in touch at