In the past the mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) of course made me think of Will Smith saving the world. Not a bad thought, and 'I Robot' is a pretty decent film, but I guess it shows my naivety to the reality of AI and its possibilities. 

Now, just six months into working in the world of tech, Will Smith is a distant memory (unfortunately) and the cross over between traditional 'professional service providers' and technology is becoming more and more apparent.

Law firms, accountants and financial advisers are all exploring the benefits of technology and how it can completely revolutionise their efficiency, and in turn their profitability.

The thought of entrusting your processes, your business and your customers to 'robots' can be a pretty scary one, but so can any kind of change!

Moving from letters to e-mail, from yellow pages to websites, creating your first corporate social media account - this was all completely revolutionary in its day. 

The move from manual to AI, from in-person training to VR and from concept to reality is here. It's happening now. And it's great to see so many North East businesses embracing technology to improve themselves and their customer experience.

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