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DNS Based Subdomain URL Redirect System v0.1

This is a very basic URL redirection system which uses DNS records to redirect subdomains to new URLs. Many hosting providers to this with their own internal systems, however that can create stickiness and inflexibility. I wished to create an independent, host agnostic domain name redirection system which was simple, easy and I hope useful. A new URL redirection system has therefore been created which will operate quickly and purely based on DNS records. Note this is not a "proper" 301 URL redirect as that requires webserver side configuration and I don't run your webserver.


Use requires the addition of 2 DNS records. One as a pointer to this service, and an additional record as the destination point. DNS RFCs prevent a CNAME record also having an associated TXT record so one needs to improvise.

To use, you need to set up the subomain to point to (don't forget the DOT at the end!)		14400	IN	CNAME

Then set the associated TXT record to the destination URL. TTL should be set to a MINIMUM of 300 (5 min). Anything less than that will result in an error.	14400	IN	TXT	"<destination URL>"

Destination URL can be any URL including further redirect URLs or shortening URLS but the sub-subdomain needs to be 301 otherwise it will fail. The URL can be plain text or URL Encoded. Future versions will allow Base64 Encoding or special encryption. Currently SSL encryption for the source redirect is not available, however this may be possible in future as a paid service. Also to be added is a some in-line editing tools to make things work.

A "fair use" policy applies to this service. You can use this for personal and commercial purposes, no restrictions, but there is a cost in providing this. The cost will be evaluated and you might have your system ratelimited or blocked without warning. Of course up front donations to use the service will be gratefully received. Paypal hostmaster at this domain.

As the system is in very much a test phase please email questions to hostmaster at this domain. I will make it prettier in due course. Please feel free to use this and for now at your leisure. If there are any bugs, let me know. The system is currently provided as-is and without warranty so use at your own discretion. #standardlegaldisclaimer yadda yadda yadda.


Andrew the subdominant

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Third-party domain providers

If you own a domain from one of the following providers, then click the link to get specific instructions for connecting your domain:

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Check your redirect staus

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